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5 Gadgets That We Overpaid This Year

5 Gadgets That We Overpaid This Year
by Andrea Boffo

Gadgets are slowly becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. From smartphones to smart fridges, technology is slowly being integrated more into our daily routine. While gadgets may make our lives slightly easier, they do come at a cost.

With the holiday season coming around, chances are you are looking for the perfect gadget to get your loved ones. While the gadgets we have for you on this list may provide exceptional performance and quality, they are overpriced. However, that did not stop many consumers from splurging on them, making them popular gadgets that we felt were overpriced.

Overpriced Headphones/Ear buds
1. Noble Audio’s Kaiser Encore
Image Source: Amazon

Bluetooth headphones and ear buds make listening to music much easier. There are no wires involved and you can easily connect to an audio output through Bluetooth, especially while running or working out. In comes, the Kaiser Encore, these wonderfully crafted ear buds fit easily into your ears. They also come with detachable cables, just in case you want to connect with them instead of Bluetooth, but we don’t think that will be the case with many users.

Don’t get us wrong, the sound quality and the durability of the ear buds are exceptional, something you would expect since the ear buds have 10 proprietary balanced-armature drivers. It also fits comfortably in almost all ear sizes. However, the benefits of the ear buds do not truly justify its price tag. The Kaiser Encore cost a little over $1,800 which is mind-boggling considering the fact that you can easily get decent Bluetooth headphones starting at $20.

Overpriced Computer Peripherals
2. The Soujourner Keyboard
Image Source: Amazon

The keyboard is a vital part of your computer, it allows you to communicate with the computer, type on it and so on. The Soujourner Keyboard is not just any keyboard. Well, it is as far as the number of keys and functionality goes but the design and make of the keyboard is what sets it apart. With a layout similar to that of a vintage typewriter, this keyboard gives you great feel while typing. It also comes with a 6 foot USB cord, so you don’t have to be glued to the monitor to use it. While some people may enjoy that, it doesn’t make sense to spend the same amount of money on a keyboard that you would a computer. Priced at $1,000, this keyboard is definitely overpriced, yet people still buy it.

Overpriced Speakers
3. Devialet Silver Phantom
Image Source: Amazon

Like Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers are quite popular, especially amongst the youth. These portable speakers allow you to listen to music on the go and anywhere you like. But would you be willing to spend over $2,000 on a Bluetooth speaker?

The Devialet Silver Phantom definitely packs a punch as far as sound goes. It is considered to be on of the loudest Bluetooth speaker with 3,000 watts under the cover. It is one of the greatest sounding speakers you will come across on all levels. You can also buy a connection system with the speaker which allows you to pair more than one Silver Phantom together, acting like a sound system. While the price may be justified for some users, it seems a bit steep for us. Especially since you can get great speakers from Bose and other similar makers priced 8-10 times cheaper than the Silver Phantom. You can even get a Devialet White speaker, which doesn’t pack the same power, for a cheaper price but still quite costly at around $1800.

Overpriced Phones
4. Vertu Smartphones
Image Source: vertumobileonline

While Vertu is recently facing some financial problems and is wrapping up business, the company has had some success in selling overly priced smartphones in 2017. Vertu makes luxurious android phones that start at around $10,000, with many models that go well beyond that price tag. The company has had quite a following, however, mostly those that are rich. Which is why it hasn’t really caught on with the average consumer eventually leading to its collapse. The reason behind that is because the phone doesn’t really offer any additional benefit to users other than luxury.

Vertu smartphones employ the same system and functionality that you would get in a regular phone. As more of the “richer” consumers have now moved on to gold and diamond plated iPhones and other Samsung devices, the hype for Vertu seems to have died down. But the craftsmanship and build of the phones certainly made many go “gaga.”

Overpriced Scooter
5. Boxx Personal Electric Scooter
Image Source: Boxx

Why walk around when you can easily get from one place to another on an electric hoverboard or a scooter? The Boxx Personal Electric Scooter is not your ordinary electric hoverboard or scooter. It packs a lot more power, with the capacity to run for 4 hours on a full charge or for about 80 kilometers while going to speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour. You won’t find any electric hoverboard with that much power. While it looks small, it can easily handle kids and adults, we recommend that only adults drive it with the high speed of the scooter. It definitely makes getting around much easier but that is if you are willing to shell out about $4,000 for it. Definitely not a scooter you would want to get your kids as a present. Boxx is still one of the more overprices scooters in the market today which people are more than willing to spend on.

Technology and gadgets can be a tricky buy. While they may make your life easier or much more enjoyable, it is important to know what you are getting and for the right price. It doesn’t make sense to splurge money on a gadget when you can easily get another one for a cheaper price. So be smart and do your research before you set your sights on a gadget especially if you feel it is overpriced, chances are it is. Happy shopping!

Andrea Boffo is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.

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