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Infrared learning procedure for TZ-P3 Air Mouse

The TZ-P3 Air Mouse is a terrific little gadget but as for most remotes on the market, the user manual could be better.

I detailed below a clearer step by step procedure on how to use its infrared learning feature.

Infrared Learning for TZ-P3 Air Mouse

  1. First, make sure the remote is in TV mode and keep the TV button (1) pressed until the red LED changes from fast blinking to steady
  2. Release the TV button and the red LED should blink slowly:
    It is now in learning mode. Note: The learning mode ends after ~15 seconds of inactivity. If you wait too long, you'll need restart from step #1.
  3. Place the original TV remote pointed to the front of the P3 as shown in the picture above.
  4. Press a button on the original TV remote (2)
  5. Then choose a button to assign the function to on the TZ-P3 (3).
    Example: Press Power on the TV remote, and once the P3 LED goes steady to indicate it received it, press the Power button on the P3 remote.
  6. Repeat steps 3~5 for the rest of the buttons.
    Most buttons on the remote side can be assigned.
  7. When finished, just wait 15" for the TZ-P3 to exit learning mode.


  1. nope for me either. i been truing this for 8 hours straight now. sucks.


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