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How to Properly Dispose of Your Tech Devices

Author: British Solomon
Do you like to have the latest cellphone even if your old mobile is still working? In today’s day and age, upgrading electronic gadgets is very common. Manufacturers of cellphones, laptops and similar gadgets are turning out more advanced models nearly each year. They aggressively advertise and market their latest gadgets so that consumers will be tempted to buy even if their devices are still useful. These companies spend tons of money to make consumers feel bad if their electronic gadget is already passé. But what do you do with your old phone when you are ready to upgrade? Here are some ways to properly dispose of your old tech devices, and the impact it makes when you do.

Growing E-Waste

What happens to the old gadgets when we replace them with the latest models? They are just thrown away. The result is a growing mass of electronic waste. Are you a contributor to this huge waste? Look at the statistics and see what actually happens to the old but still useful electronic stuff that people throw away.
  • Only around 13 percent of electronic garbage is recycled and disposed correctly.
  • 20 million TVs are thrown into the waste box every year.
  • Over 100 million cell phones are thrown into the waste can each year in the United States.
The massive global increase in electronic waste is underlined by the United Nations when it claimed that the production of WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in certain countries could go up by about 500 percent in the next ten years. The electronic waste enumerated by the U.N. includes HDTVs, computers, and obsolete mobile phones.

Preparing for Disposal

Now that you’ve decided to get rid of your old device, it is important to remember to clean all the data or information contained in your electronic gadget. Simply deleting your files and emptying the recycle bin is not enough. If you don’t and someone knowledgeable about electronic devices gets hold of it, he or she may steal your personal information and use it for their own advantage. At minimum, it is recommended you do a factory reset of your computer to clean all the personal information you have on it. Others suggest running a clean software to remove all of your information, or completely removing the hard drive and destroying it yourself.

How to Get Rid of Your Device

When the time comes for you to get rid of your tech device, use one of these suggestions to avoid contributing to e-waste.

Give it to charity

Donate your device to someone that could still use it. There are many charities and programs created for the purpose giving computers and cell phones to those whom need it. Some people would never have access to a computer or cell phone if it weren’t for the donations of old devices. Research if there are charities in your area to donate to.

Buy Back Programs

You can turn in your old devices at some large corporations for credit towards a new purchase. This is especially common at a lot of cell phone companies and electronic stores. Some companies just offer money for your old devices without the necessity of buying another product in return.

Recycle it

Recycling would be the best way to properly dispose of your devices if they are no longer in good condition, or it’s too outdated to be donated or used to receive money. Check with your local waste/recycling company to see if they accept electronics. There are also numerous programs around the world that solely work with old tech collection and recycling. This way you are still properly getting rid of your device, without contributing to the growing e-waste problem.

The important thing is to never just throw away your used or old electronic items and remember your personal information must be cleaned out first before disposal. Electronic gadgets are composed of parts that do not break down easily. They will be detrimental to the environment if they are left alone to rot away by themselves. Electronic waste must be treated carefully and correctly so that they won’t contribute to environmental degradation.

British Solomon is a contributing writer and media specialist for Unduit.
She regularly produces content for a variety of technology and business blogs.

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