June 2018 - Gadget Victims


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Xiaomi Redmi S2: a better Redmi Note 5A

6/18/2018 01:04:00 PM 0
The Xiaomi Redmi S2 (also known as Redmi Y2 in India) has many points in common with the Redmi Note 5A (also known as Redmi Y1 in India...).

Like the Redmi Note 5A before, it is another affordable entry level smartphone built around strong cameras...but offering an even better value for the same price.

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Teclast P80 Pro: is a 99$ tablet worth buying?

Adding a 128GB SSD to the YEPO Ultrabook/Chuwi EZBook

6/05/2018 11:58:00 AM 3
Some time has passed since my review of the YEPO 737A (64GB version), and I  was can tell today that this ultrabook is worth the addition of a SSD.

The next thing I needed was a SSD drive for a decent price and the Vaseky 128GB is just the perfect match.

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Gearbest warehouses decoding: where do they ship from...

6/04/2018 03:40:00 PM 1

Some Gearbest products are available from various warehouses outside China or HK.
Such warehouses appear with the prefix "G-W-" which tells you nothing about their actual location.  

Choosing the right warehouse can dramatically reduce the waiting time and, sometimes, the final cost.
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