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Configuration tool for Alfawise V2 Keyboard

The Alfawise V2 is a great mechanical keyboard with many RGB modes and assignable macro keys.

While most functions are available via the keyboard itself, its companion software is useful to reveal its full potential.

The Alfawise V2 (55€/63$) is one of coolest mechanical and compact RGB keyboard currently on the market.

Unfortunately, mine came with a few red LED's which may not be easy to notice straight away when the keyboard is in one of its fancy color-mixing mode.

The Configuration tool and drivers for Alfawise V2 is the best way to discover the features of this keyboard and its potential problems.
All the modes are available through a drop down list. The best is probably the last one, "Coastal" which lets you design your very own color customization key by key. The changes can be stored in 3 distinct profiles.

The "Normally on" mode can be used to assign a steady Red, Green or Blue color to the whole keyboard, making it easier to check each key for LED fault.

It's worth noting that Gearbest support gave me the realistic options to get a refund of send me another unit, while other shops, fully aware of the dissuasive shipping cost, would have asked me to send it back.


  1. Porque ahora no me funciona el teclado al descargar este driver??????? Ayuda porfavor!!!

    1. eso es porque hay 2 ejecutables en el archivo que la Drive no puede escanear. Haga clic en el botón "Descargar" debajo del error y debería pasar.


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