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Gift ideas under 30$

This is a short list of some my favorite inexpensive gadgets that could make cool gifts  for friends and family (or better, for yourself, because you know you deserved it!).

These are gadgets I either bought or received in the recent months. They are listed regardless of any promotion, just based on their potential interest.

"I spared no expense!" (sorry! wrong movie...)

Around 30 $ / € and below...

Tanix TX3 Android TV Box,
Reviewed here, is a very capable Android TV box with a nice functional interface and good playback performance. Plus, the price dropped recently.

I'd rather trust a Samsung EVO for running a mission critical system, but as a recording media on the USB 3.0 of my PVR, it'll do just fine.

EP52 Lite Neckband Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Reviewed recently, it's a good surprise! Great sound resolution with plenty bass and easy fitting. Not sure you need to spend twice the price for the pro version but there's one.

Mushroom LED Lamp and Charging Stand

A convenient way to tidy up your desk, the lamp is also charger (includes one QC 3.0 port).
Only regret: they didn't include a speaker in the dome...

12" LCD Graphic Tablet

If you often jot ideas or draw things on the instant, this is a great portable black board. Since my first board, the contrast has been improved. A 8.5"version is also available (coupon GBTH49IWT).

The real thing from the inventor of the original Boogie Board is more expensive but also years ahead in terms of innovation, like Bluetooth sync feature.

Around 10 $ / € and below...

The H1 Air Mouse

This Air Mouse has a touch sensitive rear side that can be used as a keyboard or as a touch pad.
It comes in back lit and not-back lit version (but then with a play/pause button instead).

In my review, I wondered why the H1 could no have both back-light and a play/pause button in one model.

8Bitdo ZERO FC30 Bluetooth Remote Controller

One of my best-looking mini-gadgets and a great game controller you can take with you anywhere.

For a fiver...

Wireless Remote Control Tripod Bluetooth Selfie Stick

I've been using this often lately, as a tripod along with the provided remote to take stable shots even in low light conditions.

It turns out to be sturdy enough and it takes very little space which is really convenient.

Hard Drive Enclosure Case for 2.5 inch HDD SSD 

All you expect from a good modern SSD/HDD enclosure: UASP protocol, USB 3.0, easy to fit. It's one of the cheapest enclosure available and is similar in performance to my Sabrent enclosures (dearer alternative, but with a power switch).

ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Car Diagnostic Interface

Very useful if you have an aging car and want to get a reliable diagnostic yourself . This dongle is supported by many smartphone app, like the excellent Torque.

CaseMe Car Mobile Phone Holder Magnetic

These magnetic holders are the most convenient way I found to hold a smartphone. Some of them have weak magnets can't hold a phone reliably.
This one has been tried and tested by myself on the bumpy roads of West Ireland with a Umi One Pro (210gr with its silicon case)

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