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5 Amazing Tricks To Increase The Wi-Fi Signal

Guest post from: www.noflufftech.com

5 Amazing Tricks To Increase The Wi-Fi Signal

The wi-fi allows us to access the web through the most diverse devices, from traditional computers, smartphones and revolutionary smart TVs. But to provide good network speed, the router needs to work fine, right? Ever happened to the sign of your wi-fi getting weak and you just did not know the reason? Do not worry, because, most of the time, it is more than possible to solve this problem without having to spend too much or have major headaches. You can also follow Noflufftech.com to improve the wifi signal. So check out 5 amazing tricks right now to boost your wi-fi signal:

Change the place router

The point of the house where your router is located needs to be very strategic so that you can seize the signal in the best possible way. So, first of all, consider putting it in a more central position or at least closer to the computer or the device where you most use the wi-fi. But since it is not always possible to make such a change, keep an eye on the following tips.

Get rid of interference

Did you know that water is the number one enemy of the wi-fi signal? So if there is any wall with plumbing between your computer and the router, the signal strength will surely decrease greatly. Interference from other devices - In general, those who use some type of signal, such as wireless phones, wireless keyboards and mice, and other people's <a href="https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/router">Router</a> - can also negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal. In this case, to increase the signal, consider taking these devices out of the way.

Change the transmission channel

A great way to increase the wi-fi signal despite the interference is by changing the transmission channel of your router. Imagine that every wireless device in your home operates on a different route. Thus, if more than one of them travels through the same network, naturally increase the chances of congestion. To avoid this confusion, access your router settings and choose a channel not yet occupied by any other device. Remembering that there are several applications that allow you to analyze the use of channels in your space - like wi-fi analyzer , for Android, for example.

Abuse of foil

There is a super easy and efficient trick to increase the wi-fi signal that does not include buying any new handsets or setting anything up. To do this, simply use foil to direct the signal from your router in the direction you need most, such as the room where your computer or smart TV. To do this, take a sheet of foil and position it behind the antenna of your router, as if it were embracing you, with the opening in the direction in which you want to enlarge your signal. The disadvantage of this method is that, while it strengthens the signal in the chosen direction, it weakens in the opposite direction.

Invest in a repeater

If none of the above tips have the desired effect, you can always increase the wi-fi signal of your home using a repeater, whose only function is to spread the network signal for more space. The market is full of easy-to-configure models that provide good signal gain. Just be sure that a repeater also requires you to take some of the care outlined above, especially those related to interference.

By following these tips, you will have a much stronger wi-fi signal and you will be able to take advantage of the full potential of the internet in a number of devices. Ready to take the test? Do you know any other trick of how to increase wifi signal? So share your tips with us right here in the comments! Get Involved!

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