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Digoo DG-K2: I've seen this face before...

The Digoo DG-K2 is another camera compatible with Smart Life.

This one has a particularly nice design, which also reminds me a bit of a certain character from South Park , but maybe it's just me...

I keep saying that I'm not a big fan of cloud cameras, but they do the job for most smartphone users. It's mostly a matter of trusting the Cloud solution provider with your privacy after all...

Anyways, Banggood was kind enough to send me this one, a real cutie, so I gave it a quick try...

Setting up

It really doesn't need an instructional video, and yet I made one. It takes a minute, literally, and it's impossible to fail it.

Motion tracking

Beside the classic motion detection alarm, the DG-K2 has a motion tracking function where the camera will rotate to follow the largest moving object or person on the picture.

It works quite well and in a very similar way to Wanscam K21 face tracking.

However, even when static, the camera easely covers the whole room with its wide angle lens.

This camera is based on a RTS3903N chipset and is a pure Cloud camera, only using the port IRC/6668 to speak with Smart Life or Digoo Life. I scanned it in the hope that digoo just didn't advertised other capabilities, but sadly, not RTSP and no HTTP.

You can store the recordings on a micro-SD card, purchase encrypted cloud storage from the app.

The picture quality in 1080P is excellent with a 3.6mm lens offering a field of view of 80°.

The audio is less impressive: The microphone in particular provides a  muffled sound, to the point that it's impossible to understand someone talking unless he shouts.
The speaker itself is of good quality but the volume is set to maximum and not adjustable, just like the Howellcam products reviewed previously. This means that not only your voice, but the startup jingle will play out loud whenever the camera restarts.

It'd be just a matter of implementing some volume control in Smart Life/Digoo Life, which may come in the future, but for the moment, you'd just want to disconnect the speaker connector located in side the base.

Another option missing is a way to change the initial camera PTZ position.

The control of the camera is very simple and as I just mentioned, it could use some more controls, but being part of Smart Life ecosystem means that it's possible to use the motion detection feature to trigger automated actions.

The guts...

The picture of my unit was showing some black spots caused by dirt on the sensor. I've never seen that with other cameras so I hope it was just my unit.

Since getting to the sensor surface requires to dismantle everything, so I did...


The DG-K2 (20.88€/23$) is technically identical to the Blitzwolf BW-SHC1 and is 9€/10$ cheaper, so it's a good deal for those looking to add a nice and simple surveillance camera to their Smart Home ecosystem.

Good alternative in the same price range...

Those who want more flexibility with 3rd party applications may consider the Digoo-DG-BM01 at the same price.
I reviewed the initial version of that robust little guy a while ago.
It is 720P camera only but supports Onvif and Digoo added the Smart Life compatibility to the version sold currently.

Special thanks to Kylie from Banggood
for providing me with the Digoo DG-K2

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