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Tranya Rimor True Wireless Earbuds

Tranya sells a range of wireless earbuds and the Rimor is one of their latest and best model.

They've been kind enough to send me a pair of these and here's the outcome.


The Tranya Rimor earbuds embark all the latest must-have features with an emphasis on the high availability through excellent battery life and fast charging: the type-C port supports fast charging and you get up to 90 minutes playback with just 10 minutes charging.

The maximum playback time of 5 hours requires just 1 hour charge and the compact carrying box can recharge the buds up to 5 times.

Sound quality is ensured by a 10mm titanium driver, claimed to provide 3x more details than typical 6mm driver.
The frequency response is 20Hz to 20KHz.
The IPX5 rating means they'll survive rain and sweat alike.


Unlike other earbuds of that size, these ones find their position easely in the ears and don't tend to fall off. Different sizes of silicone cushions are, of course, provided.

Ease of Use and Touch Control

As most BT5 earbuds, they are straightforward to pair, no more long-press-and-wait procedure, just take them out of the box and they'll either connect to a previously used device or go into pairing mode.

The touch sensitive surfaces allow the following playback and volume controls:

Right bud:
1 tap = pause/play
2 taps = Vol +
3 taps = start assistant (Siri, Google, ...)

Left bud:
1 tap = pause/play
2 taps, Vol -

Sound quality

The Tranya Rimor keeps its promises with a good Bass/Treble balance, giving a slightly better overall impression than the already good BW-FYE3 tested previously, and while they don't have the dual drivers of some deep-bass models, they are decently punchy.

HD calling... 
I tried a (Whatsapp) call: The HD calling absolutely applies for my side, but the experience was not the same for the other party which found the conversation understandable but lacking clarity.
However, I haven't yet found a model in that price range that really works well for voice calls.

ENC...yeah, just like your fingers would...
It will always amaze me how blocking your ear canals with anything can be turned into a technological achievement when you stamp it "Environmental Noise Cancellation" or even better, make it an acronym: "ENC"!
But okay, well, it does that all right...


These earbuds tick all the boxes: long playback time, sound quality, ease of use, IPX5 water resistance, fast charging, pocket friendly charging case (and don't forget: "ENC"!).

Sound quality is very subjective of course, but I would take them with me rather than my other models because these earbuds offer a pleasant listening experience and their charging box won't go flat after a few days left alone like I've seen with the BW-FYE7.

With all the necessary features to be reliable and always ready to use, the Tranya Rimor earbuds deserve a space in your pocket.

On Amazon UK, the price of Rimor earbuds is currently $65 (50£/59€), but you can get them for $39.99 by using the coupon KA50TR01 on

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