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10 Home Automation Ideas For An Easy Life

Home automation was designed to make the user’s life easier by automating the tasks they hate most. Here are some home automation ideas to get the juice flowing:

Home Automation Ideas

Home automation ideas come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but what people really want is a device that makes life easier. Below is a list of home automation ideas, and their respective products:

#1. Smart Smoke Alarm

Having a smoke alarm is an essential piece of kit for any home. The problem is they come with a significant flaw when no one is at home; the alarm can’t be heard. This fault means the homeowner won’t know anything about it until it’s too late.

Enter smart alarms! 

Smart alarms give people peace of mind that their home is safe while they go away. One of the most popular smart alarms is OneLink. The smart alarm uses a two-phase detection system so it can detect smoldering and full fires. Best of all, it sends a notification directly to their phone.

#2. Smart Oven 

Cooking is definitely a task that everyone wants to simplify. Cooking wholesome meals takes a lot of time out of the day, especially having to wait for the oven to preheat. And that’s where smart ovens come in.


A smart oven can be controlled using a mobile phone. This allows users to turn the oven on remotely. They also come with an array of sensors, thermometers, and much more. All of this makes cooking easier.

One of the smart cookers on the market is the Samsung Flex Duo. The stove runs on gas & electric and can be controlled with an app.


#3. Smart Lock

Smart locks bring a home automation feel to the front door. They can be used to bring extra security, or just to make life easier. A smart lock can be controlled using the app to grant access or changing codes.

When it comes to smart locks, there is one brand that stands out above the rest. Schlage Locks are known for putting all the best security features into one lock. They use an anti-smear keypad, so fingerprints don’t give away the code.

Other features include an alarm that is triggered when someone tries to beak in. They can also have multiple personal codes set, so the homeowner knows who entered and when.


#4. Smart Blinds

Smart blinds were introduced as a smart device to make people’s life easier. Smart blinds can open and close at the touch of a button, so there is no more getting up to close the blinds.


AXIS smart blinds can be set to schedule or link with Alexa and open with voice controls. Blinds also can work with scenes; this means the blinds will close to get ready for a film. 

One thing most people don’t realize; they can also act as extra security. Setting the smart blinds to a schedule can replicate someone being home.

#5. Smart Thermostat

No other smart device can save the owner as much money as a smart thermostat. The device is used to help control the heating and cooling of a house. They connect to the Wi-Fi, which means they can be controlled remotely.

The best smart thermostat on the market has to be the Nest Learning Thermostat. It effectively learns how the house is heated and when. This means the thermostat can make adjustments on its own with no human interaction. 

#6. Smart Assistant 

Voice automated devices have become all the rage since the release of smart assistants. The smart assistant can be linked with a multitude of smart devices, making them easier to control. But that’s not all they can do. 

The device helps people organize their day by keeping up to date with their schedule. It can also perform tasks like keeping people in touch with local news, tell them the time, and the weather report.

One of the best devices is Amazon Alexa; it has one of the highest compatibility ranges.

#7. Grocery Ordering System 

There’s nothing worse than getting back from the shop only to realize something is missing. A grocery ordering system can make any life easier by eliminating this pesky little problem.

One of the best devices out there is the GeniCan. The device gets placed at the top of the bin. When an item has been chucked away, the GeniCan scans the barcode and adds it to its database. 

From there, the user can ever decide to set the list to automatic ordering or go to the shop themselves and use the app as a reminder. 

#8. Smart Pen

This is a smart device for somebody that takes a lot of notes, mainly people in university. They allow people to store and organize their notes easily. Smartpens transfer any notes that were taken and turns them into a digital copy.

Livescribe is a great smartpen to get started with. Any notes are automatically transferred into a digital copy and stored under the title name. The smartpen can even record lectures and sync the text to the speech.

#9. Smart Security Camera

This is the device for anyone that wants to add extra security to their home. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, but more importantly, they can be placed anywhere. People love these devices because of how easy they are to set up due to most of them having no wiring.


A smart camera can be controlled using a mobile phone. The camera uses a motion detector that is built-in to the camera. This allows the camera to send push notifications to the homeowner’s phone if anything is detected.

Some of the security cameras are Arlo or Nest; both have exceptional camera quality. They also have features such as night vision, face detection, and much more.

#10. Doorbells

Getting up and answering the door can be a hassle at the best of times, and it’s even worse when it’s a cold caller. And this is why smart doorbells come in handy; they let people know who’s at the door without having to get up.

Smart doorbells are hooked up with a camera, speaker, and a motion sensor. When a motion is detected, it sends a notification to the users’ smartphone. They then have the option to view the footage.

The speaker allows people to have a conversation with the people at the door, and the video lets you see who it is. Some smart doorbells can even link up with a smart tv to cast the image onto the screen.

The most popular doorbell device is the Ring Doorbell. They come with all the essential features, including integration with Schlage locks. 

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds of home automation ideas out there, it’s just knowing where to look. Above are only a few to get started with.

The key to finding a great home automation idea is finding something that solves a problem. For example, people that struggle to keep their day in order would benefit from a smart assistant. It will send them the alerts they need to keep them on track.  


Another example could be for someone that’s experienced a break-in. In this case, the problem would be security, and the solution could be smart locks, security cameras, and video doorbells.

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