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Using micro:Maqueen v4.1 with micro:bit v2

The most advertized coding interface for micro:Maqueen is the web based, but it's not always the best way to fully exploit the features of the robot.

The extensions from DFRobot required on that platform to program the robot are not yet fully operational with a micro:bit v2, as I found out when trying to user the Infrared Decoder.

I noticed that the Read IR Key Value command would "crash" the board as soon as any IR signal was received.

Making things more confusing, there are 2 generations of extenstions available. 

One is found by searching the extensions in Makecode: "dfrobot/pxt-maqueen 1.5.4" and provides some special IR content for micro:bit v2...just not funtional.


The other (older one?), usually documented on DFRobot's wiki, can be installed from, but I suspect it only works with the early micro:bit board.


By contacting DFRobot later, I received the following confirmation:

IR with Micro:bit V2 is still not compatible on Makecode since we haven't released the extension for it yet. Within the next quarter, we are hoping to get the extension released. 

The best way to access all the features is to use their dedicated editor, Mind+ (online interface also available), where the IR sensor is fully supported:

There are similar limitations with the programmable game console Meowbit with many components, like the gyroscope and the light sensor, not directly accessible using
Unfortunately, the alternative editor from the manufacturer, Kittenblock, is a pain to use and not much more complete.   

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