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IP cameras

IP Cams reviewed, tested, hacked...

Sricam SP012 P2P HD IP Camera Review

The Sricam SP012 adds the Pan and Tilt function to the SP009 reviewed earlier.

Sricam SP009 P2P HD IP Camera review

It's been a while since I used one of these mini IP cameras built around the Hi3518 chipset.

So what make this yet-another-cheaper-like-there's-so-many-out-there camera different?

SJ6000 Action Camera review

The SJ6000 is one of those many GoPro-like sport cameras bundled with plentiful of mounts and accessories. It is NOT from SJCAM which doesn't mean it is not interesting...

Soocoo G1 Mini Wi-Fi Action Camera

Soocoo makes GoPro-style action cameras, but adopted a completely different style with the tiny and colourful G1.

Adding RTSP stream in Synology Surveillance Station got easier!

A major improvement in Synology Surveillance Station came in almost unnoticed (at least from me) since the release 7.1-4056.

For years, users have begged Synology to implement a way to add RTSP URL's.

The reason: most P2P entry-level IP Cameras don't come with an HTTP server anymore.

Synology has finally granted our wish!

Smart Sports Watches: Makibes JW018 (Aoluguya S12)

The Aoluguya S12 is one of the cheapest Smart Watches available with a heart rate sensor.

Smart Sports Watches: Makibes F68

The Makibes F68 is one of the cheapest Smart Watches available with a heart rate sensor.

I decided to try it just to see if it could be of any use in real life.

Bluboo Xtouch Android Smartphone review

The 5 inch Blueboo Xtouch regroups features that are normally found only in the larger devices: Fingerprint sensor, Octa-core processor, Android 5.1, 3GB RAM, FHD display, ...

Finally a complete and modern smartphone that fits in your pocket!