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BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Pro RGB Gaming Monitor Light Bar

Bad timing! I just bought a 'classic' LED desk lamp that clamps on the table and requires its own power adapter, and Banggood sent me this space-saving light bars that just sits on the edge of the monitor like a webcam and plugs to any nearby USB power source. Neat stuff! 


Touch function:

1. RGB Light ON/OFF Button
Short Press to power the RGB light ON/OFF.
2. RGB Mode Switch Button
Press to switch from 4 working mode:Gradient mode,Symphony mode, Adjoint mode,Classic Music mode
3. Color Temperature Switch Button
Press to switch from 3 color temperature of white light:2700K(Warm Light),4500K(-Neutral Light),6500K(Cool Light).
4. White Light Brightness Button
Press to adjust the white light brightness(circularly):10%, 25%,50%,75%,100%.
5. White Light ON/OFF Button
Press to power the white light ON/OFF.

What's in the box?

★ 1 * USB Light Bar
★ 1 * Bracket
★ 1 * Wireless Remote Control
★ 1 * User Manual
★ 1 * USB Cable


Touch sensitive buttons

The 3 right buttons are for power the light and select its intensity and temperature. 
The 2 left buttons are for the RGB row, M being for selecting the mode. 

RGB LED row    

On the back of the lamp, a row of RGB LED projects colors to the wall in different sequences.
There's an integrated microphone and 3 music modes available on the remote control.

Remote control

The mini remote is straightforward to use. Only the 6 buttons on top are used for the desk light itself, with choice of brightness and temperature.
The RGB back light is probably the main reason for this remote and it makes the selection of mode easier. The + and - buttons allow to change the speed of the color sequences, something not possible from the touch button on the light bar itself.

The remote takes 2 AAA batteries. It should be noted that the rechargeable ones, usually a tad longer, don't fit no matter how hard you push.

Installation and use

A USB Type C cable is provided to connect the light bar to a nearby power source.
I'm not sure why that model is rated 10W (5V2A): in any configuration tested, the power usage rarely exceeded 5W.
The bar just needs to be clipped in the stand provided, that's all the assembly required. 

The light bar sits firm on the top of the monitor and the stand don't cover the display area.

The maximum brightness tends to be lower than a traditional AC/DC powered desk lamp but still provides plenty enough light to the desk and keyboard area without shining on the monitor itself.

This 30 second video shows the various RGB and music modes: 


The BlitzWolf® BW-CML2 Pro RGB Gaming Monitor Light Bar adds the music mode and remote control to the original CML2 and BW CML4, the top of the range, adds Alexa and Google Home control via the Smart Life/Tuya app. 

They can be all considered as serious alternatives to the traditional desk lamps with clamp and provide enough light but with a far smaller footprint on your desk!  

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