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You shouldn't buy the Digoo DG-UFC anymore

4/10/2019 12:17:00 PM 0

The DG-UFC IP camera has an interesting form factor, making it ideal for discrete wall mounting.

However, I could not choose a worst moment to buy one.

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Easythreed Nano 3D Printer on sale at Gearbest

3/18/2019 03:54:00 PM 0
The Easythreed Nano is an entry level 3D Printer usually selling around 150$ and way over 300$ when branded as Polaroid P2C10002!

The Nano has a decent reputation as a 3D printer for beginners. Even then, I was not sure if it was the best pick in that price range...
But it is now on Flash Sale at Gearbest (99$ at time of writing!) and I hardly see anything beating that!

Gearbest Easythreed Nano

Note: the white version is available at the same price. (I took the orange so I can still make the difference with my bread maker.)

I don't expect any side windows included for that price, but they are not necessary and can be purchased separately.

Expect a review here soon!

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Buckle down for Gearbest’s 5th Anniversary markdown ride

3/13/2019 08:29:00 AM
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Gearbest, we got the best deal ever for all our loyal customers, as a thank you for being here to witness and be a part of this memorable moment.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the deals and discounts we are giving away, here is a quick guide for you, so you won’t miss out.

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Health watches vs FDA-approved medical monitors: part 2

3/06/2019 03:39:00 PM 0
I previously tried my first health watch since a long while with a model dedicated to the SpO2 monitoring with mitigated conclusions.

This time I took a closer look to some blood pressure wrist bands and compared them with a proven upper arm cuff.

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Home Automation: Sonoff, Tuya ...or both?

2/20/2019 05:13:00 PM 2
My old X10 equipment is being replaced with the cheap Wi-Fi-based sockets and switches from Sonoff and Tuya.

Before learning the difference between these competitors, I found myself with a mix of both "standards"...

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Health watches vs FDA-approved monitors: part 1, the P9

2/06/2019 05:55:00 PM 0

Many smart watches now include a blood pressure sensor and some even measure your oxygen saturation like real oximeters.

But how do these cheap watches compare with FDA-approved devices?

This is the first part where I try a watch claiming to monitor the SpO2 level (Oxygen saturation level)

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What makes the Contec CMS50D+ so special?

2/01/2019 05:29:00 PM 2
The CMS50D+ is a pulse oximeter with qualities essential for the detection of sleep apnea and the ongoing monitoring whenever the condition has been already medically confirmed.

Some particularities not available in most devices of that size make this particular model unique.

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Umidigi One Pro update: Autostart and Notification bug resolved

11/19/2018 12:55:00 PM 4

The latest OTA V2.0_20180815_20181113-0939 from Umidigi resolved the serious bug whereas non-system apps would not auto-launch at start up.

This, in turn, prevented notifications to appear from messaging apps such as Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, ...

The Umi One Pro is now working as a normal communication device!

Read the full review here.

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Gift ideas under 30$

11/09/2018 06:45:00 PM 0

This is a short list of some my favorite inexpensive gadgets that could make cool gifts  for friends and family (or better, for yourself, because you know you deserved it!).

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UMIDIGI One Pro review

10/22/2018 04:10:00 PM 2

I spent a few weeks using the Umidigi One Pro before posting a review.

This phone caught my attention with its generous specification: FullSurface 19:9 notch display, dual cameras, 64GB ROM, NFC, fingerprint sensor, wireless and fast charging for less than 150€/170$.

Is it too good to be true?

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