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Indispensable Network Applications for Android phones

After flashing and re-installing my phone so many times, I found that a few Android applications were worth reinstalling each time. You probably know some of them:
ES File Explorer: not just an explorer, it can contact your PC through Wifi using SMB or FTP. FTP also helps with some car hand free kits that cause pairing troubles.

Penetrate: scans for nearby Access Points and reports the weakly protected routers (WEP, factory password, …). Comes handy on travel when a free Internet access is needed. Note that it requires the huge (200Mb) Thomson dictionnary for cracking some passwords, but this goes on your µSD
Overlook Fing: scans the lan you're connected to and shows a detailed network map. Absolutely brilliant!

APNDroid: a life saver for any user with a pre-pay SIM, allows you to disable the Internet Data traffic. To keep those hungry automatic Internet updates under control. Appears as a Red/green widget push button on your home screen.

Traffic Monitor from RadioOpt GmbH. Beside the included speed test is not yet as good as the app, its main purpose is to keeps track of exactly what quantity of data is used by each application/service.

Shark: a wireshark compatible wlan sniffer! 
TextDroid: while connected to Wifi, will send free text message through the Mobile operator web text engine, the nice thing about it is that it integrates with your phone book.

KeepassDroid: Allows using the Keepass database on your phone (all your logins and passwords strongly encrypted in your pocket)

Android System Info: System, Task and App manager, even system log (for rooted phones)

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  1. Another one is PC To Mobile Transfer - it works wherever your device is located, on any network, and even when there are firewalls in between the device and PC. It greatly simplifies reinstalling the rest of your apps and getting your data back onto your device after a reset.


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