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Synology DSM 3.2 is out !

The DSM 3.2 just finished its beta cycle and is available for updating the Synology DiskStations!
Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most remarkable changes in release 3.2-1922:
  • Embedded LDAP Client. With also a server freely available from the Package Manager
  • Syslog Server to collect the logs from your servers and routers

  • ISO image and Remote Folder (using CIFS protocol) can be mounted from the File Browser, 
It's worth noting that the remote folder must be another DiskStation in the same LAN. You won't be able to map the DiskStations of your friends.

  • DSM mobile: with the new interface dedicated to mobile devices, it becomes really possible to manage the DiskStation from your phone. 

  • Download Station: You can now drag and drop your BT files directly into the Download Station without the need of the redirector, thanks to the HTML5 integration.

  • Photo Station 5: New features, and new look and feel (which received mixed feedback from users)
You can now authenticate to Photo Station using the credentials from DSM.
It also allows to sync with Facebook

  • Google Cloud Print support allows you to send print jobs to your local printer from anywhere (requires Google Chrome)

All the areas really have been enhanced in one way or another.
For the full changelog, check this official Release Note. There is also a detailled presentation of DSM 3.2.

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