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Firmware update for Dericam M801W

I had lost hope to see any firmware updates for the Dericam range but there's one now available for M801W (and also M202/203/204/205/206). Very little change but still good to take...

The files can be found in the Download Center of the Dericam web site.

System: (this system file is also valid for M202/203/204/205/206)
Web UI: (this Web UI file is only for M801W, each model use a specific Web UI file)

The only change documented in the release note is the addition of the No-IP DDNS support.

Usual recommendations:
Do not update through WiFi, use the RJ45 connection.
Update the System firmware first, and then the Web UI file.
Do not power off before completion


  1. Thanks for the links.

    But now the scan for WiFi network doesn's show any WiFi stations.

    I can't connect to WiFi.

    How can I undo the upgrade? Where is the previous version?

    Please Help!

  2. I have upgraded 2 M801W of different generations lately (the older being non-IR Cut) and all went smoothly. It is of vital importance that never do this through Wi-Fi, but always using the Ethernet connection.
    Use an ipcam finder to help you set the proper subnet if needed.
    There's no way to undo this since Dericam did not provide the earlier firmware. They also don't provide the recovery file for serial flashing unfortunately.

  3. I have the non IR cut version. As I wrote in the first reaction to the new firmware and UI. I discovered that not only the WiFi scan doesn't work anymore but also the presets. It's not possible anymore to save any preset.

    I did update the cam, connected with UTP so that can't be the problem. I also wrote a e-mail to Dericam, asking where to find the previous version. They responded by asking me what version I had before the update. Silly question. How can I know. I didn't wrote that down. Shouldn't they now that themselves?

    So I suppose I am stuck now with a faulty updated IP camera. If I only would have known.....

    Thanks anyway. But for al you updaters out there, be very careful.

  4. If they really want an answer about the previous firmware version, the one that both my models shipped with in September and November 2011 was (system) and (WebUI).
    As far as I can tell, the is the first update they ever published.
    Don't let them get away with this.


  6. Was about to give a try to see if they'd added the promised presets with zoom memory but it doesn't look like it's worth bothering...


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