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EYESIGHT ES-IP810W IP Camera Review and Start Up Guide

The IP810W is one of those simplified wireless IP Cameras equipped only with an USB port that any noob can have up and running in a matter of minutes.

The EYESIGHT ES-IP810W is the cheapest camera of its category (26.45€/$29.99 with Coupon Code: GB810W at Gearbest) .
In comparison, the Tenvis TH671 is priced at 56€ (64$) and a Dropcam Pro is worth 170€ (199$).

All these cameras rely on a specific Smartphone app and P2P connectivity.
The aim is to make the initial configuration and use as simple as possible.

Unboxing and set up:
Inside the box we find: the camera, a USB power adaptor and 2 leaflets.
The first one, in English, is a generic quick guide for 3 models of the VOIPC series. The second one, with the specific instructions for this model... is in Chinese only.

The English equivalent guide for the IP810W should look like this:
1. a. For Android devices: Don't bother scanning the QR code on the box! This will load and install an alternate Chinese Market from and some useless bonus apps and eventually, the Chinese version of the "eRobot's 2cu".
Instead, just get the app in English directly from the Android Play store, or  2cu.co or p2pcam.so
1. b. For IOS devices, you can scan the QR code or go directly to the App Store.
2. Power up your IP810W
3. Launch the 2cu app and choose "Set Wifi by QR Code"
4. Register with the DDNS service (needed the first time only).

5. In Tools, choose "Set Wifi by QR Code"

6. Select your local Wi-Fi access point (the same used by the smartphone/tablet) and provide the password.(DHCP must be enabled on your router)

7. A QR Code appears on the screen of your mobile device: place it at around 30cm from the camera until you hear a "beep".

8. Your camera is registered on the LAN and linked to the 2cu app.
Job done! Any additional camera can be installed by repeating the process from Step 5.

Additional utilities:
GPlayer is required to read the proprietary video file format (.av) recorded.
An online ActiveX-based viewer can be used at http://cloudlinks.cn/view

The IP810W uses a microSD memory for storage. Inserting the card must be done with caution because of the gap beside the slot where it could accidentally fall.

The HI3518 chipset in this camera is capable of 720P (1280*720) resolution. In reality, this is only effective in the mobile app's live view, if HD mode is selected.
Videos and snapshots are always stored in 640x360.

Surprisingly, the night vision is excellent and even better than some bigger models.

The motion detection can be set to sound a ringtone or send an email. Touching the thumbnail opens the live view and touching the camera name gives access to the playback screen and settings.

Online Updates (OTA)
The camera features an on-line update system for both the device and the app. No need to beg the manufacturer for an updated firmware file.

Mounting options:
The camera is meant to be used on its own stand which has 4 possible positions from slightly forward to full back. The base can be fixed on a wall with 3 screws.

The IP810W camera module can also be detached from its frame.
There's even a gutter to help passing a small screwdriver to push one of the plastic clips, but it should be done with caution and very occasionally.
This gives more options to place this tiny camera where no other would fit.

The camera claims to be ONVIF compatible but can only be accessed locally via RTSP which limits the 3rd party viewers to work with. For instance, Synology Surveillance Station requires an http url. Also, Onvif Device Manager does not detect the camera and there was no way to point it to its xml profile.

There again, the URL for streaming only allows the low and very-low resolutions:
rtsp:// (640x360)
rtsp:// (320x180)

Despite its low price the IP810W works as claimed and flawlessly.
It is targeted at smartphone/tablet users who want something quick and easy to set up without specific technical knowledge. The mobile application does everything you need and keeps you  alerted of any event in the eye sight of the camera.
Having an OTA update system for both the camera firmware and the mobile app is a first for me with an IP Camera of this price range.

Advanced users may regret the limited options to use the IP810W without a constant link to the
Cloud and the absence of high resolution streaming (via rtsp) and saving (pictures and video on SD card).  

- Fast, simple and clever way to set up the camera
- Compact camera with performance equivalent to the bulkier ones
- Good microphone sensitivity
- Online updates for firmware and application
- Mobile app (2cu) clean and intuitive.

- Resolution limited to max 640x360 for video recording and streaming (only live viewing in HD)
- Speaker output too faint.

Just for fun, below is a time lapse video made from snapshots taken on motion detection during the day while the camera was pointing at my bird feeder.

Special thanks to Sunny @ GearBest for providing the discount code


  1. I had a bird feeder like that once.
    It lasted about a day before the squirrels chewed it to bits.
    Not that you're needing any more suggestions of gadgets to explore - but you might be surprised at the features for the price of this one:
    I got one with a varifocal lens, it works pretty well. Though I don't know what I'm going to do with it ...

    1. Thanks Alastair, I'm now a member of ipcamtalk, and, yes, any gadget suggestion to help my compulsive disorder is always welcome! (-;

  2. Hello, thank you for this great review ! I cannot receive any mail when movement has been detected by the camera, is there any configuration to set up ? I only put my email adresse in the "alarm push email" but that does not work...

    1. That could be just because you didn't activate the alarm mode: look at the Device List screenshot above: you will see a little padlock open on the right. That means the camera surveillance is not activated. Once you touch the padlock, it will change to a closed one and the camera will beep. From then, you should get your alarms according to the "Alarm settings".
      Another possibility is that so many emails where sent that they got filtered to your spam folder. I've had that problem at the beginning.

  3. Thank you for your answer ! :)
    I have activated the alarm (padlock closed) but nothing arrive in my mail box. I did not find any filter in my mail box...

    1. Do you receive alarm events at all by other means, like local notifications? They should appear under Tools (the toolbox icon)->Alarm Management>Alarm logs.
      I'm thinking of another possible cause: does your email address contain any special characters or is it long? I know that some chinese IP Cam don't handle well "complex" strings either for password or names...

    2. Hi,

      I have the same problem, i receive alarm on my phone when app is active, but i didn't receive email, my mail have no special caracters and it's short. I check Alarm Management>Alarm logs but i see logs and don't find error?

      Does anybody receive email ?

      is that one needs to have a SD Card ?


  4. Hello, I have problem with cameras connection to my WIFI. After scanning QR Code and camera beep, I can't connect to camera.


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