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Foscam Firmware: once again!

There is a newer firmware on Foscam web site.
It will still show versions and but the time stamps of these files are from June and July 2010! (The last was from May)

The main change is in the Web-UI that now includes PTZ settings for controling the patrol speed..


  1. Whats the mystic to reach the foscam website? Seems to be impossible from Germany!
    Can anyone mirror this files?

  2. I updated the camera, but didn’t work after the firmware reboot. I can’t see it on the net. Do you have some solution or recommendation? I did all the steps indicated on the paper upgrade.

  3. @Eduardo
    either you don't have a camera that is compatible with Foscam firmware, or you maybe tried to upgrade the firmware through wifi instead of Ethernet.
    First: Make sure you have the latest ip camera tool from Foscam web site, and see if your camera is found. Try plugging it directly to the router. Be aware that with this firmware the ip address and subnet mask may have changed.
    Last: if nothing work and your camera does not even auto-rotate at startup, then consider re-flashing it with the jtag method explained in the post "Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life"

  4. @asg
    I've added a mirror to the July release in the Firmware History Page

  5. Can we name the ftp file transfered yet?

  6. @bdveit
    not officially but if you do a get_misc.cgi with this firmware, you'll see new vars:
    ftp_filename and ftp_numberoffiles (I don't recall having seen this ones before).
    They suggest that it would be possible to control the file name and quantity of files sent to the ftp.
    I just can't seem to change it (tried set_misc?ftp_filename='picture.jpg' and set_misc?ftp_numberoffiles=1, but when issuing a get_misc.cgi again, the values are not changed.
    I've asked Foscam to provide me with their latest CGI ref document, they replied that they're preparing one...that means I'll have to ask them again in a while since they never proactively update us.

  7. sounds hopefull, i have been trying for ages emailing foscam manytimes about this, at the begining they were very helpful and told me it would be included in any firmware updates, but now they just do not seem so good or helpful, its a shame but i am now looking at other manufactures options. Let me know if you hear anything, i have 10 of these little sat in boxes waiting for the to be possalbe.

  8. Hola, encuentro un fallo en el control del relé I/O PIN 1 y 2, con este nuevo Firmware. Al encender la cámara o reiniciarla, el relé se activa y queda encendido los pines 1 y 2. Con los anteriores Firmwares no ocurría esto.
    Para mi es un problema ya que utilizo los PINES 1 Y 2 del puerto I/O para encender y apagar la luz de la habitación donde tengo instalada la cámara, y que es bastante grande y la visión nocturna no es suficiente, ya que la tengo para vigilar animales, Y si escucho o veo algo raro la enciendo o apago con los botones encendido y apagado que esta encima de la opción Espejo.
    Y si se va la electricidad o se reinicia por algo la cámara, la Luz se me queda encendida. Esto con los otros firmwares no sucedía.
    Por lo demas veo que mejora, sobre todo la estabilidad de Wifi.

    Perdón por escribir en Español, pero mi Ingles es bastante pobre.


  9. Hola ALBERJ
    Voy a comprobar este problema con mi cámara esta noche. Si veo esto, voy a reportar el problema a Foscam en Inglés para usted.

  10. @ALBERJ
    Pude ver este problema en mi cámara, así que escribí a Foscam para explicar el error. Te diré si recibo una respuesta.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I don't think this is new firmware. It's not even posted on the official FOSCAM website. This is only WEB UI bin file. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what you get when unzip this file downloaded from the official website:

    Image screenshot of what's in the package can be seen on this link:

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. OK, sorry for the confusion I caused. I just finally found it mirrored on your Firmware History page (the whole package), but going to official FOSCAM website still gives me just WEB UI file. Go figure...

    Thanks again!

  15. Bubbah gracias.
    Espero respuesta, haber si pueden solucionar pronto este problema. de momento en esta cámara que utilizo para encender y apagar la luz he vuelto a la versión anterior. las otras tres cámaras que dispongo en otras habitaciones mas pequeñas no necesito encender la luz para ver por la noche, y las he dejado con este nuevo firmware.

    Perdón por no escribir en Ingles y agradezco que me entiendan.


  16. Hi,
    now, in foscam download, there is only "web ui firmware" with this explanation:

    "Dear customer:
    there may be lose of data when you download the file because of the network, and if there is data lose of system fimware, it will cause a serious consequence.
    so we decide not to offer the system firmware download, thank you."

    What is happening?

  17. @Meeyaomestan & Db3
    I could still download the full files Friday, it seems that some countries had the refreshed pages earlier. What they do is pure non sense, while they claims it's for our safety so we don't screw our webcam if the download goes wrong, they provide the file size of the WebUI as a precaution. I don't get why they don't just do the same for the system firmware!

    I'm going to contact them to try to change their mind. Please to the same ! -> [email protected]

  18. Great site. I'm new to the Foscam family. Just got mine set up last week. I think I had the washout pic problem for a bit. It was fine for a while with the old firmware, the it suddenly washed out. A reboot fixed it, then I ended up updating to the lastest firmware shortly afterwards and have had no problems. My only complaint so far is all the false alarms. Either you get false alarms, or no alarm at all. So I've been trying to get a quick link to turn it off/on when needed, but to no avail. If anyone has gotten it to work, please post. This is what I have, but get the illegal params error. Hopefully this will post ok.



    I have summarized the latest firmware

  20. Does anyone in here know if it is possible to make a custom home position of FI8908W?

  21. Hola ALBERTJ,
    la solución es:
    ir a "Ajustes de Servicio de Alarma"
    y ajuste "IO Vinculación de Alarma" por "Nivel de Salida" = Alto!
    Yo reiceived esta solución de Foscam. He probado y funciona!

  22. @mcholst
    the parameter you need is ptz_center_onstart and it's explained here.

  23. Bubbah GRACIAS

    Solucionado. Ya puedo disfrutar de este nuevo Firmware en mis tres camaras.


  24. thx for the update! I am having some problems with my 2 foscam ip cameras, and would like your help.
    Camera's are set up, both wireless, I can view them with there internal IP's both seperate and in the same interface but I can't see them both from the outside (first works, second always shows orange) and IE crahes every 4 seconds.

  25. @Tim
    you'll find a complete tutorial on this in the post "How to access your IP camera from the Internet". As indicated in the camera interface you need to specify the external url for the 2nd camera in the multi-device list.
    For IE (7 and 8) crashing, check point #9 in "FAQ for IP Cameras"

  26. Thank you Bubbah! Just one more question, IE still crashes, not right away, I can see my camera's image but when I go to "For Administrator" and then click "back" to return to the camera's image, the interface crashes. Dou you know a solution?
    Thank you for your patience

  27. Buddah, just upgraded a camera with the new firmwhere, but when i do a get_misc.cgi, there is nothing about ftp in there, has this been removed from the upgrade or can you link me to where the version is with the ftp info you talked about, I have also emailed foscam about this so will be interesting to see there comments.

  28. @bdveit
    what is not listed with get_misc.cgi is generaly found in get_params.cgi
    That's where you'll find:
    var ftp_svr='xxxxxxx';
    var ftp_port=21;
    var ftp_user='xxxxx';
    var ftp_pwd='xxxxxx';
    var ftp_dir='photo/ipcam';
    var ftp_mode=0;
    var ftp_upload_interval=0;
    var ftp_filename='';
    var ftp_numberoffiles=0;

    I think there's something new with those filename and numberoffiles but I could not change them so far (set_misc.cgi). It looks like we could limit the number of files sent to ftp and set their filename.

  29. Foscams reply to me this morning
    Dear Ben,

    Sorry,I have asked our software engineers,they told me it is impossible to change the image name and number.

    Best Regards

    Sarah Zhang (Miss)

  30. @bdveit
    too bad, I really thought it was there. Thanks for the update!

  31. Latest email from Foscam says naming FTP file might be included in next update?

    Dear Ben,

    Thanks a lot for your suggention.

    I will forward this to our software engineers,they will write this in future software.

    Best Regards

    Sarah Zhang (Miss)
    Technical Support&Service Team

  32. @Bubbah
    Tengo la Foscam y he intentado configurar la alerta de e-mail, sin éxito alguno. Utilizo cuentas de correo de o que no tienen SSL y no lo logro. Por ejemplo con lavabit la configuración que pongo es esta:

    Sender: [email protected]
    Receiver: [email protected]
    SMTP server:
    User: lavirgenmehabla
    Pass: *******

    Y recibo el siguiente mensaje: Mail test failed.

  33. AHHH y no tengo SMTP de mi ISP

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Please, where I can find the firmware Fl8908W?

    In foscam web does not exist, have withdrawn


  36. Just to throw in some new things here about the new firmwareon my Foscam FI8905W. These functions are NOT yet documented in the CGI SDK 2.1.

    There seems to be a new P2P mode or something like that. Try http://[yourcamip]/get_p2p.cgi and http://[yourcamip]/set_p2p.cgi

    These functions do NOT exist in the WebUI from 27/7/2010 but do exist in my 100% foscam camera.

  37. Hello, all works fine with this new Firmaware till the control icons (u, down , right , left) I cant see those on my Broser. any idea

    firmware and UI on Fl8908W

  38. Hi,

    there's any problem if i have a too old firmware (like 4 or 5 months ago) and i want to install this one ?

    how i can go back to a previous firmware ? just install it ? thx

  39. I'm really intrigued by Alex's noticing of the P2P info! Getting P2P to work to iChat or Skype would be a dream come true and open up worlds of possibilities for this camera!

  40. Has anyone been able to remotely turn the alarm off/on. I've yet to find anything that I can get to work.

  41. Hi!

    Is there any way to power off the night leds at night..? The light of leds reflects on the window an I can't see anything...

    THanks in advance!!!

  42. Diego, yes, you can take camera apart and disconnect the plug that goes to the LED array.

  43. Hi, ZUKI!!

    Thanks for your help. I've dismount the base of camera, and I can see many wiring connectors...Do you know which I must unplug?

    Perhaps, the leds must be dismounted from the focus of cam instead base wiring....?

    Thanks in advance!!

  44. IF you disconnect the IR leds are you still able to use IR lighting????

  45. No, I want to avoid the reflections of ir leds over my windows.... ;-)

    Bubbah...can you say me which is the ir leds connector ???

  46. @Diego
    The connector should be one of the smallest on the back of the pcb where the leds are.
    I didn't try this myself and need to open my camera before I can give further detail.

    Also, if you check this forum (in French but use Google to translate the pages), they explain how to control the leds with the relay switch (

  47. Does anyone know how the audio streams are architected/delivered?
    I am a mac user, and the ActiveX control doesn't work (obviously). The new motion Jpeg viewer is nice, but limited. I am working on an Adobe AIR (written in Flex, deployed as AIR) IP Cam Viewer application, and want to include the video stream (Motion Jpeg via CGI) as well as PTZ stuff. That is all very manageable. What I am having an issue with is understanding how the audio streaming works.

    I'd like to include the audio along with the camera feed, AS WELL as a way to send audio back to the camera so it can play via the speakers.

    I've found no documentation at all on this.

    Any of you guys have ideas? Info?

  48. @dave
    since vlc exist for Mac ( it should be possible to use it to intercept the video and audio stream as explained in the FAQ for IP Cameras (point #8).
    But for sending sound to the camera speaker, I'm afraid that's another story.

  49. Hi BUBBAH ;)

    the version number "" seems to be
    "on air" ...

    to be continued...

  50. hi ,
    what program are people using to view there ip-cams , everytime someone watches the ip-cam they have to use a password to view , is there anyway of removing this password so when people click on the link they just go straight to the camera and not have to input a password.

  51. @Dave
    Check the following posts:
    "Third-Party software for Foscam IP Cameras"
    and Topic #8 in "FAQ for IP Cameras"

  52. Hi,

    I bought a new genuine FOSCAM middle of September 2010 and it came with the latest firmware version: and Web UI:

    Almost everything is working fine so far. Except one item: "Motion Detect Sensibility". According to the manual highest sensitivity value is 10. I can not recognize a difference between any value 1-10. The sensitivity is always very low. That means people or cars can move in front of the camera picture and no alarm is triggered (neither in the Web UI nor via E-Mail or FTP). But sometimes the alarm is triggered by something unknown or small (not sure what it is). This behavior is independent from the camera picture. That means there are no clouds, shadow or too bright or too dark picture.

    Does anybody have the same behavior with this firmware version?
    Any idea what is wrong?

    Looking forward to your opinion.


  53. @Matt
    I don't have that version yet myself but the motion sensitivity is very difficult to adjust. Small objects will hardly ever trigger any alarm, probably because of the low resolution, and any change of light intensity will trigger it regardless of the value set for the sensitivity. Your better off using an external program (see post "third party software for ip cams"), some allow you to define a particular zone of the picture to watch, which improves the accuracy.

  54. Thank you Bubbah for your reply.
    I confirm your description of the alarm trigger and have the same opinion as you.
    By the way: I asked the Foscam Technical Support. They answered this behavior is normal for this low cost product.

    Anyhow as long as is it not a hard- or software defect I'm satisfied with the cost-benefit ratio.

  55. Was setting up cam for a friend and came across an issue I haven't encountered before.
    Once configured I wasn't able to access the cam interface by typing in the WANIP:port, or DynDNS:port into the browser (while on the same network). However when using Safari on my iPhone via 3G the interface came up without a problem.
    The Live Cams app on the iPhone also behaved strangely when joining that network over WiFi and configured with WANIP:port. It would simply hang on splash screen...

    I set up everything as I normally would do:

    -Static IP on the cam (tried reserved DHCP lease as well)
    -Forwarded port on router
    -Setup DynDNS accout and configured on router

    I have the same setup at home and I can access the cam interface either by entering LocalIP:port or WANIP:port (or DynDNS:port) straight into my browser.

    This situation forces a viewer to disconnect from that particular local network (LAN/WLAN) and join a different one in order to view unless the cam is configured with it's local IP on the viewing application. This is a problem especially when using a mobile device.

    Any ideas why this would happen?

  56. I just received a new camera with this firmware :

    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

    Anyone knows the differences to the version
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

  57. ops, I want known the differences for :
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

  58. @ivanfm
    I don't have it yet, but I asked the files to Foscam. I'll write something on the firmware history page with my findings.

  59. Any news yet on the newer firmware?

  60. @netRAT
    you're probably experiencing a loopback connection problem as explained here:

  61. Yes Bubbah, it appears that is the case. However after hours of trying different settings and firmware updates I wasn't able to resolve the issue with that D-Link router.
    We might simply need to get a different one...

  62. The Foscam response about the other firmware :
    These two firmware version are for different cameras,we have logo cameras and netural cameras.
    They have little difference,only from logo and netural,the function of the both kinds are the same.

  63. hi everyone,

    i too see this strange message on official site , so how to get the new FIRMWARE ?????

    and can we know what it contains ?

    i wait the connection to hidden SSID

    thanks if you have some answers

  64. I downloaded a new Firmware from Foscam two days ago. Now the link ist not there anymore.
    In the readme it says:
    Pls make sure that your camera is FI8908W,not FI8918W.They are two different kinds of camera.
    The firmware is for FI8908W,if you upgrade the firmware wronly for FI8918W.
    Your camera must be crashed and need send to repair.

    The new firmware version is:
    System firmware:
    WebUI firmware:

    New feature in this firmware:
    1)Add a button to control the folder which used to store the recording file pop up or not.
    2)Add option to set preset position for the camera or diable preset.
    I did not test it because i have no time at the moment.
    If interested i will upload or send it to Bubbah.

  65. Hi Lady,

    I can't find that firmware on the FOSCAM website. Is there a reason why they removed it?

    can you send me a copy? [email protected]

  66. Today I could download full fw files for both 8908 ( and 8918 (

  67. Great!
    I confirm the successful update of my FI8918W. For the update I was using the normal Camera Web Interface without the IPCamera tool. No problem.

  68. Well, I have to revise my previous comment. I thought my update was successful but it is not. For an unknown reason the "Send Mail on Alarm" function crashed. I receive E-Mails without attachment. Instead a lot of characters are in the mail.

    Today I updated two of my other cams fully successfully. This time I was using the IP camera tool as recommended by Foscam.

    Therefore I recommend to us the IP camera tool instead of the camera web interface.

  69. Well, I finally figured out what is the reason for my corrupt Alert e-mail. Nothing to do with the update. The reason was the webcam Alias name. Strange...

  70. Dave: I'm working on a similar project as you: a viewer / PTZ control in Flash. Can I have a peak at the source code or is it a commercial project ?
    I'm just starting, I have the video stream even though it is still poor, flickering and flaky.


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