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Rovio with a Chinese twist

Well, the comparison is presumptuous and a bit insulting to Rovio, but reading about its numerous criticisms , this might well be one of the alternative left (aside Spykee). Too bad Woowee abandoned the Spyball project !

An early version of Roomba vacuum cleaner with a Pan and Tilt wireless IP Camera mounted on it.

The CVOA-G182 from (€382.92) should make everybody happy: housewife and geeky husband alike.

It can be important to consider that only the pan-and-tilt camera can be remote-controlled here. The robot base it just a Roomba and, as such, will bang its way around the room while -kind of- cleaning according to its programmed routine and front bumper.

There's no owners feedback on it yet, but I wonder if it is smart enough to stop in front of the sofa when the camera is mounted or if it will try to force its way under. The camera dome can be unplugged easily though.

iRobot, the maker of Roomba, made a variant called ConnectR, which is presented as a virtual visiting robot. This one is not equipped with a brush but can be driven from an internet connection, comes with VoIP speakers and an integrated IP cam as well. Much like a Rovio, with a less appealing design.

It seems to be "on the market" since 2007, but judging by the selling price (around $500), and the confidential presentation on iRobot web site, it probably never really took off.

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