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Another Probox2 firmware update released this week

A second, newer release of Android 4.1 is now available for Probox2. 

If you upgraded your Probox2 to Android 4.1 last week, you may not have realized that another release has been published since.

The first release of Android 4.1 for Probox2 was ULTIMATE.411.012.11.130129.

Now there's a ULTIMATE.411.012.11.130227 version available from the same link at and also from w2comp download section.

The visible changes are the additions of "Google Play Music" and "Google Chrome", and some core apps are updated to their latest version.

The firmware update should be done exclusively with RKBatchTool.exe. Do not use the device auto-update by copying the firmware file on the SD card as it results in a very unstable system. 

Again, thanks to for the information.

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