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ES File Explorer 3.0

If you updated your apps lately, you may have noticed that ES File Explorer icon changed. Version 3.0 is out and the most remarkable changes are not always the most visible...

Good surprise yesterday when I noticed that ES File Explorer 3.0 was finally out. The best File Manager for Android got even better!
With its brand new user interface, it is even more intuitive than before. 
A long press will now bring up four action corners (Share/Copy/WiFi Send-by-LAN/Delete/) to which the file can be dropped. The same drag'n drop method works on folders of course. 

It is very usable and file list is even more readable on my tiny 3.6" phone screen (thanks to the "Small Detail" view). 

The biggest addition for me is a feature that I suggested to EStrong some time ago: being able to copy the full path of a file to the keyboard.
It seems small, but none of the FTP apps I tried so far allow that!

This discrete feature is actually huge for (Synology) NAS users like me! 

Why is it so important ? 

Suppose that you want to send a file located on a distant FTP server to your Synology Download Manager via Synodroid

From ES Explorer, you  now display the file properties, touch the "Copy full path" button, then go to Synodroid and pasting that path in the Add  Download dialog. Full path means that part of the authentication used will be included in the path string. You will need to add the password manually though.  

Until now, such an operation could be done from a PC but impossible from an Android device. 

The screenshots below are just a quick view of the new UI which now includes gestures, multiple windows and Wi-Fi sharing...

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