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Adding DIY drivers for Maygion H.264 to Synology Surveillance Station

The current ONVIF implementation in Dericam H502W/Cybernova WIP604MW IP Cameras does not allow High Resolution and Pan & Tilt control in Synology Surveillance Station.

This method initialy published on the Polish web site,, will  bring some improvement on that regard.
In short:
The Synology Surveillance Station stores a list of IP Cameras in the camera_model.conf (PTZ configuration) file located under

This files contains references to camera definition files (drivers) located in /volume1/@appstore/SurveillanceStation/conf/camera_support/

I've grouped the necessary files in this archive:
- BTICAM.conf, BTI_camera_model.conf (to rename camera_model.conf)
- Maygion.conf, camera_model.conf (just uses the more generic Maygion name instead of BTICAM)
- camera_model - Backup.conf (the original Synology file unchanged)
- commands.txt (sample of commands to use for copying files from a Telnet/SSH terminal)

With the files placed in a folder of the NAS (here ExternalShare for the example), the commands to copy the files in the right locations would look like this:
cp -f /volume1/ExternalShare/camera_model.conf /volume1/@appstore/SurveillanceStation/conf
cp -f /volume1/ExternalShare/Maygion.conf /volume1/@appstore/SurveillanceStation/conf/camera_support/

I recommend that you always backup the original camera_model.conf file first.

April 2014 Update: The latest device pack for Surveillance Station (6.3-3309) includes the H502W model under the Dericam brand, so no more need to use the method above.

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