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Firmware x.7.19 for JPT3815W 2013

Tenvis has released another firmware update for their 2013 editions of JPT3815W and JPT3815W+.

This one brings more fixes plus the VLC support.
The forum also shows that now 2 hardware version exist for this model, 1.4 and 1.7, which require their specific firmware file.

I've been confirmed that, at least for 1.4, the manual control of the IR LED will not be possible and hardware will be modified to allow this. I don't know if it's already done with 1.7.

The firmware file can be found here:
The main thing in 1.7.19 is that http://<cameraIP>/videostream.cgi and /videostream.asf are now functional.


x.7.19 (1.7.19, 2.7.19 and 3.7.19)
1. Fix motion detection alarm sensitivity unsaved problem.
2. Improve the surface and resolve the bugs for no snapshot for visitors
3. Fix BUG of save the <null> password for Non-admin user
4. Support VLC video player
5. Remove the Device Model from About page
6. Add Arabic language support
7. Update French, English, Japanese language
8. Fix error description of vertical and horizontal reversal
9. Save horizontal reversal image after rebooting

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