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EP52 Lite - Magnetic Neckband Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

I several a wireless headphones over time and found none of them really convincing, either by their sound quality, or by their design.

I might have just found the type that works for me.

Stereo earphones come in many forms and my previous acquisitions ended up forgotten in a box for the reasons explained next to their pictures below.

Until today, I used to take a single wireless earbud when on the move. It's not stereo, and sound is just about okay, but at least it does not make a tied knot the instant I put it in my pocket. (I'll probably forget to take it off one day and it'll end its life in the washing machine.)

Tao TT-BH6, makes knots in seconds
while in your pocket. USB port cover very hard to open.
Good sound otherwise.

Dacom Athlete, awkward to position, average sound,
part due to the difficulty to secure an ideal position in the ears. 

I was sent recently a Meizu P52 Lite by Gearbest, a design type that I would never have bought by myself, and I was wrong.

These sport earphones have the following decisive qualities:

- The semi-rigid arch makes it easy to wear and keeps it knots free

- The ear buds sit perfectly in my ears without popping out (3 sizes of silicone buds provided)

- Operation from the 3 ideally positioned buttons is straightforward.

- The USB port waterproof cover is easy to lift.

- The earphones are magnetic and snap together rather than dangling freely while running.

- The sound is excellent, comparable to some wired models, with plenty of bass response and clear vocals.

For ~16€/18.5$, the Meizu EP52 Lite offers a far better design and sound quality than some models like TaoTronics TT-BH06 Bluetooth and Dacom Athlete priced well above 20€

The more expensive EP52  has a slightly bigger battery, higher sensitivity (although the EP52 Lite can be very loud already) and noise cancelling for ~34€/40$ (see details below).

MEIZU Magnetic NeckbandP52 liteP52
Driver unit10mm10mm
Frequency response20-20000Hz20-20000Hz
Charging time1.5h2h
Battery Capacity130mAh100mAh
Music Time8h8h
Standby time200h150h
Waterproof ratingIPx5IPx5
Noise cancellingNoYes

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