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H1 2.4GHz Air Mouse: which version to choose?

The H1 Air Mouse is another inexpensive remote controller.

The large touch-sensitive surface on the reverse side can be used either as a keyboard or as a touch pad.

This remote is absolutely fine, but you must use caution when purchasing it.

For a while now, my favorite air mouse has been the TZ-P3.

It's pretty much all you'd need from a remote and I don't expect any major breakthrough in that type of product that could change my mind.

However, a new model with similar qualities:
The H1 Air Mouse.

Like the P3, it has a replaceable and rechargeable Ni-Mh battery, back lit keys (depending the version), gyro-sensor and IR learning (for the 4 dedicated color buttons).
Its shorter size makes it more comfortable to hold.

But the killer feature of this remote is on the alpha-numeric keyboard side:
A "mode"button on the side turns this into a full size touch-pad.

When in touch-pad mode, all the well known one-fingered and two-fingered gestures can be used to click, move or zoom. I have only one regret with that feature: there is no back light. No big deal for the touch pad, but another story if you plan to type text in the dark.


There are 2 different versions of the H1!

The model on the right has a back light keypad (not on the touch pad side) and a "light" button to control light intensity (3 levels available).

The version on the left has no back light, and instead of the "Light" button a "Play/Pause" button, which is particularly convenient when controlling a media player.

Conclusion: choose the right version for you!

The H1 is an excellent remote with the pros and cons below but you have to make up your mind on what the most important feature to have: back light or Play/Pause feature.

I personally preferred the H1 with play/pause button (11.46€/13.24$) because I use it often with my TV box, but the backlit H1 (12.35€/14.27$) is handy when used in a dark room...why can't we just have both? 

+ USB rechargeable
+ Big multi-capacitive touch screen surface
+ Convenient arrangement buttons with classic Volume +/- and Channel +/-
+ Good range (15m)
- (Back light version) Keyboard side not back lit
- IR learning limited to power and color keys

The TZ-P3 (10.97€/12.68$ ) is the best air mouse for me back light and pause button, but it tends to become difficult to find. It is reviewed here.

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