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Upcoming PC Games: The Best New Games to Look Forward to in 2021 and Beyond

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While console gaming has been getting a lot of attention in 2020 and 2021 due to the big release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, PC gaming isn’t going anywhere. In fact, PC gamers make up around half of the total gaming population.

PC gaming can provide incredible graphics and generally give players a lot more customization options than consoles. In addition to that, there are also some very exciting games on the horizon for the PC, as well. 

Whether you are looking for the best shooter games for the PC to grind, or something a little different, here are some of the best upcoming PC games to look forward to.

Halo Infinite

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One of the most popular game franchises of all time, with over 81 million units sold, Halo will see it’s next installment sometime in 2021. Halo Infinite will continue where the adventures of Halo 5 left off for Master Chief. FPS, Halo fans and sci-fi fans in general are eagerly awaiting this game and all it will bring.

You can be sure it will be full of the trademark Halo gunplay and high-flying action. It will feature a completely new graphics engine, that will make the sci-fi first-person shooter look better than ever before. It will be the first main entry in the Halo series in around half a dozen years, and is surely to be a must-play. 

The developers have also claimed the game is very ambitious, which has gamers even more excited for the possibilities. The multiplayer portion of the game will also be free-to-play, taking after the likes of Warzone, Fortnite and many others.


Humankind is an upcoming PC game releasing in August of 2021. It is a historical strategy game that will have players completing rewriting the history books we all know. This turn-based game will have you lead your very own civilization throughout many different ages. It will be a direct competitor to the Civilization series of games in that regard.

You will be in charge of developing cities, fighting battles, gaining resources and doing various other things. The ultimate goal is to have a higher “Fame” score than the other civilizations. The game is incredibly deep, as there are supposedly over a million different civilization patterns you will be able to develop. This will certainly be a game that can be played and replayed several different times, with a whole new experience each time.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Also coming out in August, the 24th to be exact, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is another highly anticipated PC game coming out in 2021. Releasing for PS4 and PS5 in addition to PC, this game follows a young spirit guide named Kena on her quest to help people reach the spiritual world.

It is a 3rd-person game full of things to collect and enemies to battle, as well. Throughout your journey, you will interact with several deceased individuals stuck in the physical world, and help learn their stories and empathize with them. It is an action-adventure game, but one that appears to feature a heartfelt story, as well. It takes place in a completely fictional world, which looks to be heavily inspired by Japan.

Dying Light 2

First announced back in 2018, Dying Light 2 is a highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning 2015 title Dying Light. Coming out sometime in 2021 Dying Light 2 will be a survival horror action RPG set in an open world in the first-person perspective. 

The main character, Aiden Caldwell, is a parkour expert who is fighting to stay alive and thrive in a city overrun by zombies. The giant open world will change based on your decisions, and in addition to fighting zombies, it looks like there will be other human factions to go up against. The combat system looks great, and it will also support co-op gameplay, too.

In conclusion, these are just some of the many upcoming PC games to look forward to in 2021 and beyond. They are far from the only ones, but are certainly among the most anticipated for PC gamers of all kinds

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