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Cracking open the iPazzPort KP-62 remote

The iPazzPort KP-62 is an RF remote I bought some time ago thinking it could be better than the H1 or even the unmatched TZ-P3.

I never considered publishing a review for it because of its inherent show-killer feature: the useless and continuous beeping when using the keyboard side.

There's a simple DIY solution to it.

The solution itself is simple and obvious: disconnect the speaker.

The challenging part is to open the remote without damaging it.
The trick is to find the right "angle of attack": In this case, a small sharp blade should be inserted near the top edge, on the alpha-numeric keyboard side. Once there, it is quite easy to slide the blade around and snap out the plastic tabs.

The keyboard side should be detached gently with caution to the short flat cable connecting it to the mainboard.

Then it's up to you: cut the wire(s), or use a solder iron to do clean job, but in either case, you won't miss that speaker!

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