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BlitzWolf BW-S25 75W 6 Ports Charging Station

9/24/2022 04:34:00 PM 0

The BlitzWolf® BW-S25 75W 6 Ports Charging Station is an evolution of the 65W BW-S16.

It's more powerful, comes with more ports and adds the PSS (Great! I'm about to buy a Samsung Galaxy!), SCP (Huawei owners, rejoice!)  and QC3.0 protocols to the list (PD3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP). In short it can charge more devices and faster!

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Configuring WinNUT 2.x on Windows to monitor UPS status from Synology DiskStation

2/07/2022 04:26:00 PM

Since my first article on how to setup WinNUT on Windows, most components have evolved.

The version 2 of WinNUT is easier to configure than its predecessor. No need to edit a text file anymore, all is done from a unique user interface.  

So, here's a refreshed guide on how to set everything up.

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Mistakes to avoid with your new Bean to Cup machine

2/07/2022 04:21:00 PM 0
My acquisition of a Bean to cup machine is quite recent and I've been through several beginner's mistakes which I collected here while it's fresh.
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From Synology DS213+ to DS720+

10/18/2021 12:21:00 PM 0

My Synology DS213+ has been a reliable central storage for all the household for several years.

When it reached the end of its support lifecycle, I started looking for the most suitable upgrade in 2021: The DS720+ (after some hesitation with the DS 220+)


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6/14/2021 01:43:00 PM

 The Rise of Cybersecurity Incidents against Healthcare Organizations and How to Stay Protected

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Upcoming PC Games: The Best New Games to Look Forward to in 2021 and Beyond

5/14/2021 12:33:00 AM 0


While console gaming has been getting a lot of attention in 2020 and 2021 due to the big release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, PC gaming isn’t going anywhere. In fact, PC gamers make up around half of the total gaming population.

PC gaming can provide incredible graphics and generally give players a lot more customization options than consoles. In addition to that, there are also some very exciting games on the horizon for the PC, as well. 

Whether you are looking for the best shooter games for the PC to grind, or something a little different, here are some of the best upcoming PC games to look forward to.

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Using micro:Maqueen v4.1 with micro:bit v2

4/27/2021 04:48:00 PM 0

The most advertized coding interface for micro:Maqueen is the web based, but it's not always the best way to fully exploit the features of the robot.
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Testing the Kittenbot Meowbit Bluetooth Module

4/07/2021 03:50:00 PM 0

While the Meowbit is a good initiation to video gaming, it would be nice if it could interact wirelessly with the micro:bit for some cool projects. 

This is where the Kittenbot BLE SD module comes in handy.

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Wanscam K21 with face detection: great IP Camera with ONVIF compatibility (updated)

3/26/2021 02:31:00 PM 12

Wanscam has almost always been my favourite brand of IP camera except for the unfortunate HW0036 experience.

I have a bunch of them (HW0026HW0049 and HW0046) running 24/7 and are still fine after 3 years.

The K21 looks identical to the HW0021, but with a full HD sensor, and a face detection feature.

Another noticeable difference is the price, and surprisingly it's actually 15 to 20$ cheaper than its older variant.

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Backup from Synology NAS to Asus Router (updated)

2/02/2021 12:39:00 PM 0
This is a short recap of what's needed to set up a regular backup of a Synology shared folder onto an USB drive plugged on an Asus router (running with Asuswrt Merlin).

The information needed for this specific operation is generally scattered in different places, so I regrouped everything while it's still fresh from my recent actions.

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Printing ABS with FLSUN Q5

11/24/2020 11:59:00 AM 0

 After a few months owning the FLSUN Q5 printer, I only recently obtained acceptable results with ABS.

ABS is notoriously more difficult to manage than PLA and my first attempts with left overs filaments from an old 3D pen have all been disappointing, no matter the print bed and nozzle temperatures or even the speed.

I eventually gave up until I ordered, by mistake, a big 1kg reel of ABS instead of PLA! 

I had no choice but try to make the best out of it...

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10 Home Automation Ideas For An Easy Life

8/06/2020 12:11:00 PM

Home automation was designed to make the user’s life easier by automating the tasks they hate most. Here are some home automation ideas to get the juice flowing:

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Wanscam K21 is finally fully compatible with Synology Surveillance Station

8/03/2020 10:52:00 AM 0

...or maybe I should say that Synology Surveillance Station is finally fully compatible with the Wanscam K21.

In my initial review, I noted that the K21 would be detected by Onvif Device ManagerIP Camera Viewer,  OnviferAnycam.IO and HappyTime, but not by Synology Surveillance Station. 

In the latest version 8.2.8-6334 of Surveillance Station, Synology included a fix (that was developped in December last year!) which allows to capture the full functionalities of the Wanscam K21 as an ONVIF device.

This change is likely to benefit other Onvif cameras that failed to work sith SS8 before. 
The Wanscam K21 can be found below 30€ at Bangood

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A simple mod for FLSUN Q5

7/21/2020 05:26:00 PM 0

If you ever print an object tall enough with the FLSUN Q5, you may see the tube/cable pair getting caught by one of the screws holding the right rod.

As a precaution, I designed this replacement for the "rod cup" with an extension that will cover the screw in question.
There's no need for more than one as the cable always tends to bend and get trapped on the same side.

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3 ways to resolve the joycon drift... by order of longevity

6/30/2020 03:54:00 PM 0
The infamous Joycon drift is one of the biggest design flaws of the Nintendo Switch (along with the top right of the LCD screen detaching due to the heat generated by the processor)

With no sign that Nintendo ever fixed this problem with a better design, buying a new Joycon for 50$ seem a waste of money.

Fortunately, there are quick an cheap ways to resolve this.
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If your fingerprint mouse no longer works after a Windows 10 update

6/10/2020 01:43:00 PM 0

If your fingerprint mouse stopped authenticating you after a recent Windows update, there's a quick solution to this.

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Spitfire Audio released a free Symphonic Orchestra library!

5/12/2020 05:28:00 PM 0

Just as I listed my cheap collection of symphonic libraries, another one got released, that absolutely cannot be ignored (because it's from Spitfire Audio!) : The BBC Symphony Orchestra, Discover edition

It's not exactly their first freebie, but this one gives you a generous sample, yet very portable (200MB), of their famous BBC Symphony Orchestra library. 

Here's what you get with the Discover edition compared with the Core (349$) and Professional editions (749$). 

To get this library for free, all you have to do is browse to their product page, and click on the OR FREE link below the Add to Cart. Where's the catch? You get it free you'll need to fill in a questionnaire of ~40 questions on your musical background, and then ...wait 14 days to receive the download link. 
If you cannot wait, the price to get it immediately is 49€/$/£ 

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My 'cheap' collection of symphonic libraries for Kontakt Player (and some freebies)

5/08/2020 04:16:00 PM 0

When it comes to sound libraries, having instruments that deliver a convincing and satisfying result matters as much for hobbyists than professionals.

I'm part of the first category, so coughing up 500+ bucks for a orchestral library is not reasonable. For anyone willing to go pro, that could be seen as an investment for the future, but that's not my case.

I recently purchased 2 cheap libraries (compared to the pro standards) that, put together, provide a cost-effective mix of articulations and sound quality. They both run on the free Kontakt Player, are reasonably gentle on the CPU and storage, and cost less than 150$ each.

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SONOFF IP Camera: Coolkit GK-200MP2B

3/08/2020 05:06:00 PM 3

Today, there is a decent choice of IP cameras for the Tuya ecosystem (Smartlife) but the Sonoff-compatible range seems currently limited to the GK-200MP2B.

Here's a quick look at it.

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How to get rid of all ads in MIUI 11

3/07/2020 04:34:00 PM 1
Xiaomi MIUI overlay has greatly improved over the recent years and I start to like it.

What I like less is the increased amount of ads that sneaked in every corner of it

Obviously Xiaomi fail their promise to cut down on ads in MIUI 11.

Thankfully there's always a switch hidden in the most remote part of a menu to turn them off.

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